PEDED graduates are automatically enrolled in this course, although you can unenroll at any time. The Alumni course is based on a request from many to be able to connect with peers in a number of areas. Also, I intend to have monthly Webex sessions where we can all just talk about things. Maybe it's because of the pandemic, but actually, I think it's because many of us work in isolation that we want to have a place where we can connect with our peers. This can be that place... both by discussion forum (asynchronously) and with webex (live)

I look forward to seeing you here, Tannis

Whether you intend to enroll directly with PEDEd or through one of our partners, the Sampler Course will provide you with insight into how our course content is designed and delivered. To have a look, first create an account. Then click on the Sampler Course title. The enrollment key is 12345

Enroll in this course and begin the on-line theory component at any time.

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Due to the nature of the course, no refunds are provided, after a student has accessed the course.
Please note you MUST have an ACTIVE nursing license in BC and be in GOOD STANDING with the Nursing College to participate in the Clinical component of this course.

Clinical sessions -
Now accepting registration for:

  • October 22 -24, 2021  * COVID planning may see some slight changes FULL
  • March 4 - 6th, 2022    * COVID planning may see some slight changes.  Start the on-line theory anytime
*Covid 19 Announcement * On-line learning will precede without interruption.
However, clinical dates are subject to the COVID 19 realities that we all face.  Tentatively, I am hopeful that all clinical intakes will proceed as scheduled here. 
Yet we must all be prepared for potential postponement.

Enroll in the on-line theory portion of the course through your clinical provider. 

  • If you are enrolling in Ottawa for Business Footprint's clinical session click here.
  • If you are enrolling in Barrie for SarahAnne's Footcare Services  clinical session click here.

Shortly before the start of the course, you will receive log-on instructions to access the course.

Please note you MUST be a NURSE with an ACTIVE license and in GOOD STANDING with your Nursing College to participate in this course. Proof will be required at the clinical.