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A comprehensive educational package for those starting a Foot Care Nursing career.
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A course covering the theory of foot care nursing with a clinical session too.
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This course is for nurses residing in the US and around the world.
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A mandatory certification course to use these products in your practice
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Enroll in the on-line theory portion of the course through your clinical provider.
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This course consists of a series of videos that demonstrate many aspects of clinical practice.
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PEDED graduates are automatically enrolled in this course, although you can unenroll at any time. The Alumni course is based on a request from many to be able to connect with peers in a number of areas. Also, I intend to have monthly Webex sessions where we can all just talk about things. I think that because many of us work in isolation that we want to have a place where we can connect with our peers. This can be that place... both by discussion forum (asynchronously) and with webex (live)

I look forward to seeing you here, Tannis