PEDED graduates are automatically enrolled in this course, although you can unenroll at any time. The Alumni course is based on a request from many to be able to connect with peers in a number of areas. Also, I intend to have monthly Webex sessions where we can all just talk about things. Maybe it's because of the pandemic, but actually, I think it's because many of us work in isolation that we want to have a place where we can connect with our peers. This can be that place... both by discussion forum (asynchronously) and with webex (live)

I look forward to seeing you here, Tannis

Whether you intend to enroll directly with PEDEd or through one of our partners, the Sampler Course will provide you with insight into how our course content is designed and delivered. To have a look, first create an account. Then click on the Sampler Course title. The enrollment key is 12345

Enroll in this course and begin the on-line theory component at any time. The on-line theory typically takes 6-8 weeks to complete for nurses that are working full time.  At time of enrollment you will be assigned a clinical session date.

To enroll, Create an account and then click the PayPal icon. Complete the payment process. You will be able to access the course immediately.

Total course  -  110 hours online theory PLUS 21 hours clinical= 131 hr total 

Clinical Sessions.
Sept 25th - 27th: Must complete theory portion prior. Start the Advanced course today.
Clinical will either be 2 - 10.5 hour days or 3- 7 hour days (still to be determined).  COVID planning may see some slight changes. Cost $2495 (20 seats)  A few seats remaining.

Coming soon: Semi-private clinicals (maximum of 2 students) $4995 (110 hours on-line theory plus 21 hours clinical = 131 hours total)  Bonus: Includes a rotary tool and 4 sets of instruments with 2 specialty coarse burrs, 2 finishing burrs and a corn burr - value of $1215.

Email to be added to the interest list or for more information.

Considerations prior to enrolling
  • Access to the internet for the on-line theory component

  • Ability to attend assigned clinical dates and location

  •  Clinical participation requirements:  minimum 70% grade for the theoretical component  +  successful completion of clinical is required for successful completion of the PEDEd Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course.  ACTIVE  Nursing license in BC and be in GOOD STANDING with the Nursing College.

  • Ensure you are available to attend for the registration dates listed.  If you are unable to attend you  will need to register for a separate clinical course at your own expense ($750 2 day or  $995 for a 3 day clinical).  See refund policy below.

Refunds: Due to the nature of the theoretical content delivery, no refunds are provided once a person has logged into a course.

In accordance with the clinical portion, please note, a tremendous amount of work and co-ordination goes into preparation for clinical.  We typically have 60 - 80 clients attend. This requires coordination with volunteers, nursing staff as well as management of instruments and venue requirements.  Clinicals are always planned for full enrollment of a co-hort and your course fees have secured that seat. Therefore, we strongly suggest you confirm your availability prior to registration to attend the clinical dates that correspond with your initial course registration. If you fail to attend and complete your clinical, you will be required to re-register for a separate clinical course dates at your own expense ($750 for 2 day or $995 for a 3 day clinical).

If you cannot attend your assigned clinical date, you are required to provide at least 45 days written notice in order that adjustments can be made. You will be assigned a new clinical date based on future availability without any guarantee of when that may be. Any cancellations within 45 days of the clinical date will result in you having to re-register.

Out of province nurse:  You will need to connect with the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCMN) to obtain a temporary license for educational purposes to attend clinical.

BCCNM contact information:

Email: info@bccnm​.ca

Phone: 604.742.6200​

​Toll-free 1.866.880.7101 (within Canada only)

*Covid 19 Announcement * On-line learning will precede without interruption.
However, clinical dates are subject to the COVID 19 realities that we all face.  Tentatively, I am hopeful that all clinical intakes will proceed as scheduled here. 
Yet we must all be prepared for potential postponement.

Enroll in the on-line theory portion of the course through your clinical provider. 

  • If you are enrolling in Ottawa for Business Footprint's clinical session click here.
  • If you are enrolling in Barrie for SarahAnne's Footcare Services  clinical session click here.

Shortly before the start of the course, you will receive log-on instructions to access the course.

Please note you MUST be a NURSE with an ACTIVE license and in GOOD STANDING with your Nursing College to participate in this course. Proof will be required at the clinical.